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In the bounty land of Argentina, the longtime couple gave birth to their only son and they named him Luis. Luis’ parents were so conservative and strictly observed the demands of traditions; they therefore raised their son in a strictly godly environment by sending him to the Catholic school where he was raised with nuns until his 12th grade. Mr. Luis Perez being very hard working was able to acquire wealth as he continued working with his father and this made his father to be so proud of him. As he came off age, Luis married Maria whom he had dated since childhood and they soon had eight healthy children which comprised of one boy and seven girls. Mr. Luis being highly ambitious in his quest for financial freedom wanted a better life for his children where they could live happily in an a free neighborhood and therefore he led the family in relocating the United States of America where he believed there were more opportunities and the entire family could live happily in the rural lands of western America while growing grapes. The large family of Mr. Perez lived happily in their new land until when tragedy befell them, Luis’s father died, he fell sick while his eldest son struggled to accept the fact that he was gay and the his wife Maria gave birth a lone when the husband was hospitalized.
            According to Gale Genetics Encyclopedia (2003), behavior refers to the act in which living things respond to their environment and they further state that it’s an adaptation technique meat to ensure survival. Some factors that influenced Mr. Luis was the fact that he was the only surviving child in the family and therefore he had a lot of responsibilities to take care of his parents at old age hence he had to work harder to ensure that he lived up to the expectations of his father. The second influence in his behavior was the fact that his family was large and he was the only bread winner. This called for long hours of work and closes observation of each and every move of the family in to ensure that everything works out smoothly. In this capacity Mr. Luis perceived the idea of migrating to the United States of America in order to venture into business where he could serve two masters at a time that is to make profits through cultivation and to nature his eldest son in a business environment. The final event that changed the life of Luis was the death of his father that made him work tirelessly to pay the bills accruing due to death and burial ceremonies.
            As time went, the youthful life of Mr. Luis also fade, the mighty and unusually strong gentle man who worked tirelessly in the fields trying to earn a living and make ends meet began to tire. In his early adulthood, he is able to work harder and provide enough for the larger family and send his children to school but things are bound to change because with the old age comes factors that are unusual and Mr. Luis is diagnosed with sclerosis: a condition in the nerve system which causes abnormal hardening of body tissues according to gale genetics encyclopedia (2003). Mr. Luis therefore is rendered useless and cannot fend for himself but he has to rely on his son Rolando who is already feeling the enormous weight of becoming a young adult. The eco-map which was initially centered on Mr. Luis has to change because he has passed the family business to his son Rolando.
            Some events that played a major role in shaping and transforming the behavior of Mr. Luis are positive and are bound to occur to any hardworking adult and If I was privileged work Mr. Luis, my behavior would have changed the same way in order to capture the increasing responsibility however the changes in behavior due to traditional rigidities should not be encouraged since it retards development attempts as it deprives the young Rolando a chance to continue with college education, just as the vision of national organization for human services states (2009), individuals and communities are transformed through human services and environmental factors.
            In summary, the eco-map about Mr. Luis encompasses a lot and has the impact of discouraging laziness which Mr. Luis does not entertain in addition; I also learn the idea critically analyzing a situation before drawing a conclusion that may affect my life negatively like the case of Luis who ended up in hospital. Lastly, it’s also important to note that behavior changes due to environmental factors can be reduced by ensuring that discipline levels are maintained and accepting the fact that east or west home is best, this phrase proves to be true because when Mr. Luis was in his home in Argentina he was at peace with himself and he was only disrupted when he migrated to the united states of America.

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