Monday, March 4, 2013

American His 6

 American His 6
During the era of the great depression, American politics took a very significant turn, which led to the repositioning between the republicans and the democrats (Manza, 2000). During this period, the whole world was going through hard economic times while the great America had problems pertaining to unity of its people, political instability and poor economic performance. In a quest bring change the Democratic Party made a change by bringing together the voting blocks and the interested groups. The realignment of the voting blocks and the interested groups marked the American new deal and the democratic intern became the new deal party (Manza, 2000).
            During the period of the new deal and the periods that followed, the administrations strived to build the new America that aimed at omitting the social injustices that prevailed before; therefore, there was the subsequent development of the great nation where the social injustices were now omitted and the beloved nation of America lived together.
            In his writings (Sidney, 2000) he says that after the new deal, the republicans lost support due to the influence the great depression while the democrats reign blossomed as they enjoyed the majority support encouraged the newly profound new deal and the great society. The presidents therefore administered authority by applying the special relationship that existed between the citizens and by use of constitutional rights. The subsequent presidents also in a bid to continue with the good foundation that had already been laid down the earlier predecessors who themselves were present when the new deal was being signed. The new deal was a very significant item in the history of America as it marked the end of internal injustices where people hated each other and men strived to fight their neibours. The new deal came at a time when the public has already lost hope in the executive administration majorly because there was rise in the level of social injustices and the prevailing political instability but when the deal was signed; the democrats brought back the American dreams and led to the formation of great society (Sidney, 2000).
            In the years 1948-1968 (Manza, 2000), the republicans gained popularity and finally ascended to white house under their presidential candidate Richard Nixon. The republicans had the presidency but the house of representatives was still controlled by the democrats and although the republicans gained support from the Reagan coalition, the democrats still had the majority and the major part of the house proceedings.
            During this era, the president’s role changed and he was responsible for making key decisions that was aimed at out doing the great depression. Examples of the decisions made by Roosevelt are the sweeping program to bring recovery and a new reform programs (Manza, 2000). He deliberated to transform the great America into a friendly state with the aim of relating peacefully with her neighbors. During the era of the new deal, it was argued that the federal was given more power and they took part in major state activities (Gershtenson, 2003). In view of this, the Virginia Kentucky agreement was formed to resolve how the state was to counter check the powers of the federal government. The new deal resulted in the federal government being accorded more power and therefore being able to participate in the major state events. (Gershtenson, 2003)

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