Thursday, February 7, 2013


Task one
The development of the social media has been of immense benefit to the entire population. The social media sites have been used by business ventures for the purpose of generating customers and sales and they include blogs, online networks, face book, twitter and you tube amongst other. An ideal instance depicting this benefit is the aspect of ready market where consumers can locate the commodities they need and the sellers can also reach their customers more appropriately. In view of these developments, the modern sellers and consumers have joined the social media because it has significantly developed into ideal market where all commodities are found. The establishments of astute marketing management qualities are extremely vital for the aspects of social media marketing and the organizational marketing managers must ensure that they employ the usage of ideal policies during conduction of trade. The first attribute of the marketing manager is to establish a wide contact of possible for the company and this attribute is achieved through the establishment of profiles (Evans, 2012). The profile created must be complete because incomplete profile will have the risk of presenting the company negatively thereby leading to the reduction of earnings. Secondly, astute manager must listen to the buzz because this will enable him to derive useful information about the market. Information derived from the buzz depicts the market demands and this is transformed into production. Third, the manager must be able to grow the network by engaging in everyday forums and discussions (Martin, 2011). The manager should adopt new measures of attracting new customers and this involves the consideration advertisements. Failure of this approach has the effect of reducing the company earnings significantly. Finally, the astute manager must have the capacity to distribute the content to various locations across the social media because this enhances performance and development of the organization. Distribution of the company products may be done through a website, blog or through the chosen social media and in all cases, privacy terms and other provisions should be highlighted to mitigate the risks.
Task two
            The social media has continued to be a hub where many business exchange goods and services. In this regard, ideal measures have been implemented to ensure that the parties in the transaction settle the disputes arising. The most channels for launching and resolving disputes are for the company to create a page for the disputes and the customers can launch their disputes with the company. The initiative by the business venture to establish a dispute resolution centre has proven extremely beneficial. Another insight into dispute resolution is the establishment of company profiles in the social media where customers can launch their disputes. Some of the commonly used profiles are face book and twitter pages because they provide an incentive for the parties involved in the dispute to react thereby leading to the resolution of the disputes (Hana S. Noor Al-Deen, 2011). These pages are established for the member’s launches their disputes and concerns and the marketing managers or the representatives of the companies must react as a gesture of maintain customer relations. Failure to resolve the disputes with customer’s results into bad mouthing which significantly reduces performance of the organization.
Task three
            The establishment of the social media has enhanced conduction of transactions across regional boundaries and the federal government ahs the attribute of controlling transaction conducted in the social media by ensuring that terms and conditions of doing business are significantly enhanced. As one of the directives of enhancing security of the social media uses, privacy terms must be highlighted because this part highlights the aspects of securities that are enhanced by the companies involved and the federal government. These establishments are aimed at ensuing that the safety standards are enhanced (Evans, 2012).  The privacy policies should also be highlighted as depicted by the federal Acts because these determines the nature of business activities conducted in the social media.
Task four
            The three branches of the federal government comprise the executive, legislative and judicial. The judiciary arm of the government is mandated with the task of ensuring that the Acts and policies are implemented and observed. In this regard, the judiciary will ensure that consumer transactions in the social media are observed. The judiciary will ensure that the laws formulated by the legislative governing consumers and the social media are effectively enacted.
Task five
            In the wake of realities and development of the social media, various business incentives have joined the social media with the aim of enhancing the performance of their business. The establishment is ideal because the social media has formed a wide medium where there is significant number of potential customers for the businesses and the business have enhanced advertisements in the social media to increase their sales. (Martin, 2011) In this regard, the form of relationship that exits between various businesses and the social media is in the form of business-to-business. The establishment of B2B relationship has significantly helped in the improvement of organizational performance because both parties have benefited for the existing business activities. As the companies mature into corporate organizations, social media continue to play vital role in ensuring that marketing and planning strategies are enhanced.

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