Thursday, August 21, 2014


In the quest of understanding and seeking the knowledge of God, the critical factor of his Glory arises. Oh! I love the glory of God. It’s just so amazing and he says that the whole earth is full of his glory. Seated in his throne, the veil of his cloth covers the whole temple and this is the unimaginable glory of the Lord of Host.

The glory of man is his woman and am one lucky man because I have seen and appreciated my glory. A man is also called to experience glory in his humility. Certainly, after studying various verses in the bible, I have come to an understanding that the glory of the Lord is the “presence of the Lord” (Isaiah 6: 3) and the same sentiments are echoed by David in psalms 3:3. Man was made to glorify God while the woman was made to glorify man-(1Cor 11:7)

The glory of God is just such a wonderful thing that every Christian and person for that matter should aspire to experience. The best thing is that it’s just a prayer a way and the benefits are everlasting. This is like finding favor before the eyes of the almighty God. The knowledge of the Lord comes from understanding the attributes and the intention of God and it benefits everyone who earnestly seeks to find it. God is new every day and why not seek to understand the nature of God. A call for worship

The Glory of God can crown a man and fill the entire earth. This Glory is the Lords spirit and is manifested in the attributes of the Lord. This glory never passes away and it results in eternity. (James 1:10). In the cool of the day and in the wee of the night, the Glory of the almighty God can always be felt. Take a chance and raise a call for the glory and it will soon descend on you. This glory comes with favour, growth and other good attributes of the Holy and Almighty Father.