Friday, June 21, 2013

Whites swim in racial preference"

Thesis paper that relates ideas of sociology to "Whites swim in racial preference" by Tim Wise Sociology is a social science that uses various methods to develop knowledge about human social activity (Ashley, 2005). It is the study of the society that involves research directly applied to social policy and refining theoretical understanding of social processes. Sociology focuses on social stratification, culture, social class, religion, social mobility, secularization, deviance and law. Race is one of the major issues that is discussed many sociologists.

A race is defined as a human population that is considered to be different in some way from others based on imagined or real physical differences. Racial classification of humans is done according to external morphological features such as facial characteristics and skin color (Templeton, 1998). An individual has no choice but he or she is simply classified into a particular racial group based on their appearance. Racial issues are normally controversial as they have great impacts on social identity and they influence a person`s position in social hierarchies. This paper relates ideas of sociology to “Whites swim in racial preference” written by Tim Wise.

Racism refers to believes that race is a primary determinant of human capacity, a certain race is superior that others or individuals should be treated differently according to their racial classification (Ashley, 2005). The practice of racism is considered as a violation of human rights and an insult to basic human dignity. This vice is opposed by many people in the United States and international treaties aim at ending racism. Racism can be expressed consciously and individually through thoughts, acts, feelings or unconsciously and socially through institutions that promote inequality among races (Tim, 2003).

There has been historical racism in the United States as a result of inequalities caused by past racism that is affecting the present generation. Past racism can lead to deficits in education, unconscious racist actions and attitudes among people. African-Americans in most parts of the U.S suffer as a result of mistreatment of their parents. White people are given preferences in most social and economic aspects of life hence creating disparities in wealth, education and net worth.

Racial preference is a problem that started long time ago before the affirmative action programs that were intended to protect marginalized people. The affirmative action for the whites was taken after the Europeans had left back slaves in the United States to improve their living conditions. The Naturalization Act was passed in 1790 to give all European immigrants full citizenship of the United States while Asians, American Indians and blacks could not be full citizens (Fields, 1990). This led to isolation of color people and half of Mexico was stolen to fulfill selfish interests of the whites. The affirmative action also led to formulation of housing policies that were racially restrictive which helped white families to procure homes through FHA loans. People of color were not included in this programs hence they could not procure homes.

The affirmative action for the whites in America is responsible for inequalities that are experienced in the world today. It has influenced formation of laws and public policies to favor white people in most parts of the world. Studies shows that white families have an average net worth that 11 times that of black families. A black male worker was found to be making less money in 2003 as compared to what a white man was earning in 1967 (Tim, 2003). White people are always given preference in all aspects of life thus discriminating against blacks. The current generation of whites is inheriting huge wealth from what their parents and grand parents accumulated during the time when blacks could not.

However, very few white people can recognize that the current position is caused by racial preferences. They pride themselves of hard work and self-sufficiency without considering the advantages given to them in all aspects of life. Whites are given higher points in Universities as compared to black students and those from less developed places. Preference to white people is not criticized while preference for black people attracts a lot of criticism. Schools that offer education to blacks are isolated and they offer inferior courses as compared to white`s schools.

Talented black students are unable to score good points because of their economic status, living conditions and their race. The privileges that are given to the white have enhanced preferential treatment in favor of the whites. Despite the efforts made to end affirmative action for the whites, they continue to receive preferences in all aspects of life. This has disadvantaged most blacks and given undue privileges to whites in life. Human beings have no choice on their race and they should not be discriminated on the basis of race or skin color (Ashley, 2005).

All human beings are equal and fair treatment should be given to every person regardless of race or ethnicity. Treating a particular race as minority denies members of that group many benefits which affect their social life and future generations to come. References Ashley D, Orenstein DM (2005). Sociological theory: Classical statements (6th ed.). Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Pearson Education. pp. 3–5, 32–36. Fields, Barbara Jean. 1990. Slavery, Race, and Ideology in the United States of America. New Left Review 181:95-118. Templeton, A.R. 1998. Human races: A genetic and evolutionary perspective. American Anthropologist, 100:632-650. Tim Wise, February 19, 2003. Whites Swim in Racial Preference