Friday, June 21, 2013

Market Plan

Market Plan
The product Description

Rehabuddy program is a software program which provides guidance, encouragement and support to patients that engage in an enjoyable way of performing their rehabilitation exercises by using the latest body-tracking device system. This program allows the physiotherapists to develop their own set of unique exercises, monitor progress and give feedback. This helps in improving the patient turn over while at the same time maintaining remuneration. There are also some complementary assets that will be used to enhance the performance of the device. An external web-cam or a built-in camera and balance board are used as a means for featuring a full body tracking function (Fletcher, 2008). The product aims at improving the level of accuracy and adherence to rehabilitation exercises that are assigned to the patients by their physiotherapists.

There will be a motion tracking system which will allow doctors to make online account and update the rehabilitation exercises through a programming model that is based on the patient`s bodily dimensions. The software provides a split screen with two images whereby one side will be a recording of a patient that is performing the exercises while on the other side there will be an avatar guiding the patient through exercises (Totilo, 2009). The physiotherapists will be able login using the home-based television screen or computer and demonstrate to patients on how to perform the exercises, record body movements, technique and posture to ensure that the exercises properly done.


Pricing of Rehabuddy is one of the greatest challenges to its success. This is mainly due to the fact hat there are similar concepts in the market and the software depends on other complementary devices to function. The use of a poor pricing strategy may lead to low sales or losses. A market survey should be carried out to determine the prices charged by other companies offering similar services. This should then be compared against their qualities and the quality of Rehabuddy before deciding the final price tag that will not be too high to scare away customers nor too low to cause losses. The prices of complementary services will also be taken into consideration.

Various advantages of the Rehabuddy program will be used to promote the product in the market. Exercises are easily adhered to if a patient is working with another person. Failure to complete the rehabilitation exercises may lead to continued pain and weakness. Increasing adherence to the rehabilitation exercises helps to save medical costs through prevention of returning clients with on-going or existing issues. An interactive game-like layout will be developed to entice the tech-savvy populations which mostly consist of young people (Graves et al, 2010). There will also be an easy-to-access and convenient component that will target the busy working people. This program can be followed privately at one`s home thus eliminating awkward social interactions. The product will be promoted during the Australian Physiotherapists Association annual conference. The physiotherapists will be encouraged to endorse the product through distribution of a free year-long trial samples to the clinicians.

The product is very unique as compared to others in the market. This product will have a dual imaging component whereby on one side there will be a live image from a camera of an exercising person while on the other side there will be the avatar providing guidance for comparison purposes (Miyachi et al, 2010). The physical dimensions of the patients will also be integrated into the personal programs in order to coincide with the avatar. This will enable the patients to follow instructions given by the avatar. The patients who cannot find enough time to participate in the tedious rehabilitation exercises during the day will be able to get a take home technology (Kohler, 2008). The product will be designed to meet the standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Association and obtain approval.

Sales and Distribution Strategy

A distribution strategy is very important for ensuring the products are properly sold (Baker, 2008). The institution has entered into partnership with Nintendo in order to improve on the Wii technology that already exists. It has also entered into collaboration with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) to advance the movement recognition software so that it can be more realistic and specific for performing rehabilitation exercises. Nintendo has a very strong brand name which it has developed through making of intuitive and creative software. Partnering with such a company is therefore advantageous to the company since many people are aware of Nintendo`s success.

Working with APA also reaffirms the company`s purpose to the practitioners as a good rehabilitation program. The company also plans to form relationships with several associations like MS Australia, Arthritis Australia or Muscle Dystrophy Australia. All these associations have members that suffer from various diseases that require ongoing and extensive physiotherapy. Developing a good relationship with such associations will enable the company to gain many customers as they will recommend the company products to their members. They will also inform their members about the clinics that are already using the product thus creating more sales. Practitioners will also be attracted to this product due to strong relationships that may increase the number of clients at their premises.


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