Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A big issue that needed help to solve

  Description of an occasion when I had a big issue to solve and I needed help Management and supervisory jobs are usually very challenging. Managers are faced with day to day challenges and problems that require them to solve. They need to motivate their subordinates, talk to them and help them solve their daily problems (Slavianska, 2011). He/she has to take into consideration diversity among the employees and accommodate various individual needs while focusing on organizational goals. Decisions made by managers should satisfy the workers, the customers and the organization at large. This essay describes an occasion when I had a big issue to solve and I needed help. I was working as a supervisor in one of the manufacturing companies and the board of directors decided to lengthen working hours for operational employees. The company was running normal shifts of eight hours per day for employees across all the departments. However, the board of directors sat one day and agreed to extend working hours for operational employees to nine hours per day in an effort to increase the quantity of output. Workers were not consulted for their opinions on the matter and to make matters worse, their wages remained the same. The production manager instructed me to communicate the changes to employees and ensure that they are operational immediately. I was told to make sure that the employees continue working hard to increase their output in order to meet the new targets that were raised. This elicited bitter reactions from employees who vowed not to accept the changes and they were threatening to down their tools. They complained about lack of consultation and oppression from the management. The workers argued that they should be involved in decision-making. They also argued that extended working hours should be accompanied by a salary increment proportionate to the extra hours. All employees collectively agreed to refuse the new rules until their issues are heard and resolved. This was a difficult problem for me to solve since I did not have powers to make such crucial decisions. Only the board of directors could change company rules and regulations. But since I was dealing with the workers directly, I had to find a solution to the problem. Hierarchy is important in any organization and it must be strictly followed to ensure proper coordination of duties (Slavianska, 2011). For this reason, I had to report this matter to a person who was next in command (the productions manger). I called the productions manager and told him that there was an urgent issue that I needed to talk with him in his office. He invited me over and we shared the problem on the ground. I presented all the concerns that the employees had and he instructed me to suspend implementation of the changes as he takes up the matter with the board of directors. This helped me to cool down the employees and the company operations went on as usual. Through this situation, I was able to learn that all employees should be involved in decision-making (Slavianska, 2011). I also learned that changes should be communicated in advance to prepare the employees and implementation should be done in a systematic manner. Drastic changes can lead to resistance hence reduced productivity. References Slavianska, Viara, 2011. Problems of Management in the 21st Century. P125-135. 11p.