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The biggest challenges faced by young adults today.

The biggest challenges faced by young adults today.
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Title: What I see as the biggest challenges in young adults today.
General Purpose: To investigate the challenges faced by the young adults in the society today.
 Specific Purpose: To determine the link between parenting, economic crisis and societal vices and how they pose as a challenge to the young adults today.
 Central idea: To investigate the issues faced by young adults today.
It is essential to realize that time frames have evolved and many changes have taken place in the society in regards to economic structure and parenthood responsibilities. This is due to the shift in priorities as people are constantly on the run to better their welfare as regards the high cost of living. It seems inevitable to compromise parenting duties in search of better income and living standards. On the other hand, young children have exposed themselves to societal vices like peer pressure that have generally led them to become victims of violence, drug abuse and other detrimental behaviors.
As a result of family breakdowns, there is an increase in the number of single parent households. With the current economy, it is indeed very difficult for a single parent to raise a child. (Smith et al, 2011). This therefore means that the income they earn is inadequate in terms of meeting all the basic needs required by their children. Therefore, education needs are not sustainably met .Since it is difficult for the parenting to effectively play the parenting role owing to the fact that they are alone, when these children grow up into young adults, they tend to look for a figure parent elsewhere in terms of prostitution and dangerous sexual behavior for both the males and the females. Their time alone is alone is also supervised. This means that they can access any materials they would want to and access any screen movies as well. They in turn tend to emulate negative behaviors like smoking, drug use and such behaviors especially of role models or public figures they would like to emulate. In turn, this has led to drug and alcohol abuse with young adults indulging in both hard drugs and alcohol at a very tender age. Additionally, the influence from their other friends indulging in these vices is overwhelming and even infectious. (Smith et al, 2011).
 Due to the increasing economic crisis, parents have been faced with the challenge of sustainably providing for their children yet there are limited means of livelihood in relation to jobs. This therefore aids in accelerating the poverty levels (Smith et al, 2011). The young adult’s lives are therefore impeding in terms of learning and in relation to social and behavioral problems. This view is supported by the national center for children in poverty, which has also continuously argued that the greatest well being to a child’s well being is poverty. It is also becoming continuously difficult for the young adults to get a form of employment (Smith et al, 2011) .In turn they are not able to meet their needs or to help them sustain a decent lifestyle. It is increasingly difficult for a graduate to land a job let alone the on who just has a high school diploma. Jobs which require no or little experience pay a very small wage. Competition is becoming increasingly steep and one has to have e multiple degrees to be able to live comfortably (Smith et al, 2011).
It is also important to note that the society has radically evolved to become a den of vices that is leading the young adults to succumb. They are constantly faced with the need to survive. In schools there are increasing cases of bullying which in the long run result to a need to establish a defense mechanism. This tendencies however mature to become violent tendencies thus causing stress among other young adults. There is always the fear that grippes them when they have to go school because they never know when or where the next catastrophe will come from. This is due to the fact that they are constantly exposed to cases of shootings, stabbing incidences and murder in school. Additionally they are learning vices like substance and alcohol abuse which are detrimental to their well being (Smith et al, 2011).
In an investigation process in what I termed as the challenges young adults face today, I was able to arrive to what I categorized as the three leading contributory factors in relation to the subject issue. It was evident to me that any other factor I would arrive at revolved around the issue of parenting, economic crisis and societal vices. It was established that single parents have a higher likely hood of becoming poor thus leading to educational disturbances and poverty. Economic factors also have worked as a detriment especially in regards to poverty and job attainment. Lastly, it has been established that the society is continuously becoming insecure for the young adults as they are increasingly being exposed to violence, drug abuse and materialism as a result of peer pressure.

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