Tuesday, March 26, 2013

public speaking

The need to educate young adults on moral competence, in order to improve their general behavior.
Should capital punishment be abolished from the judicial system?
Should scholarships be awarded only to the less fortunate students?
Do you think that the wearing of school uniforms should be compulsory?
I would also most importantly select a topic that most of the students are well conversant with and at least have a general idea about. This way, the speech could end up being an educative platform where each student may desire to participate. I would make the topic broader and focus on a particular theme so that the students can be more intent on listening. For instance, by touching on issues that particularly affect them, like school uniforms; they would be keen to know what my stand point would be. Especially since most of them do not like going to school in uniform (Roy and Haney, 2011).
To make the topic applicable to the classroom setting, I ensured that they were age appropriate for the students. In that they were not something they would get bored discussing or that they would not have interest in. I would relate them in a way that I would need to explain through various means for instance by using Microsoft power point presentation or charts so that the students interest is attained This way, they will always remember the speech many years down the line (Roy and haney,2011).
2. Rewrite the following incorrect specific-purpose statements so they are correct.
To explain why it is important to allocate at least ten percent of your income to charity
To explain how the presidential elections were conducted in the United States
To explain how attaining many Olympic gold medals help to improve the sports status of a country
To explain the effects of natural disasters like the hurricane Katrina especially on the people’s standards of living.
To find out why water pollution in our local river is too high and how we can implement proper waste management to reduce on its effects.
I decided to speak on why to educate young adults in order to improve general social behavior since I have discovered that the rate of juvenile crime offenders is increasing by the day. In this case my audience would the young adults themselves since the message of the speech is directly targeted to help them improve on their general social character especially in positively building their morals. I would choose the topic for my speech so as to highlight the benefits of acceptable behavior to the students in order to foster a positive learning environment for all.
I chose the second so as to investigate whether through sentencing an individual to capital punishment has helped to reduce the rates of crime. In this case, my audience would be members of the judicial system especially the judges and the lawyers. It would also be essential to involve general members of the public. This is because the judges and lawyers are in a better position to explain why capital punishment is an essential form of punishment .The general public, including those affected either by the offender o in terms of the crime offender being a relative could also give in their sentiments about the issue. I would not use this topic for my speech since it level of applicability is not relevant in the classroom setting. If anything the sentiments from the students might just be an assumption.
I chose the third topic in order to generate positive debate. I have noticed that children that come from less fortunate families are not guaranteed on attaining scholarships yet it’s their state of living that impedes on their performance. On the other hand, I feel that students who perform well in school regardless of their background should attain an award in the form of a scholarship. My audience in this case will be the student body and the general teaching staff inclusive of the scholar ship award committee. This way, after the speech, all the parties may be able to deliberate and come up with a possible solution for the case scenario. I would use this topic for my speech so as to one among the many that allays the views of those less fortunate kids that cannot afford school fees yet desire to learn.
My last and final topic was whether to make the wearing of school uniforms compulsory in schools. I chose the topic so as to get the varied sentiments from the students regarding the issue. I also wanted to allay that school uniforms make us all equal and therefore create a positive learning environment. My audience for this topic would be the students so as to solicit their views about the same. I would use this topic for my speech since I feel it directly affects the students especially in creating a common ground for all.
To persuade my audience to get involved in the relief efforts in Haiti
Thesis relief efforts help to alleviate the affected people’s standards of living. Be a part of the good cause by contributing whatever you have.
To inform my audience why mandatory military service is important
Mandatory military service is important for self defense and fitness. You should enroll willingly.
To educate my audience on the benefits of bilingual education.
Bilingual education fosters linguistically abilities. Those with desire to learn more languages should participate now.
To inform my audience on the purpose of hybrid cars.
Hybrid cars are a positive contributor to environmental conservation. Everyone should therefore own one.

Roy, J, R and Haney, J(2011),Sharpen your debate and speech writing skills, Guandhou, Leo paper city.