Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ipad management

The level of technological advancement in the current world is gradually increasing at an increasing rate and this is posing serious threats to the market performance of goods. Further, the aim of forming business enterprise is being challenged and business managers have to be on the look to maintain the level of profits and avoid incurring various management losses. In order to live up to the expectations of the changing world, it is then advisable to work around the clock and encourage innovation so that new products that meets the consumers’ demands are made available to them. In view of this consideration, the apple manufactures came up with the new idea in technology that beats their earlier products. They call the new breakthrough in technology magical because of all the features that the simple garget has and it derives the name from the magical events that the Ipad can perform. (Wilemon 57) mentions that in any business, the consumer is the king and his interest must be taken into account. Therefore, based on this idea, the Apple manufacturing company conducted a survey, which was aimed at finding what communication garget is preferred by the consumer, and they came up with the Ipad, which has tries to outdo iphone and  but is almost equivalent to net book (Edgett, 128).
            In the recent past, Apple Company has gotten serious competition from the older Microsoft Company. Due to higher comptition and the quest to make profits, Apple has always been on the forefront when innovation is considered (Edgett, 128). The management of the company has therefore chosen to divert attention by reveiwing their desired market. The company aims to venture into global business market where they believe they have the upper hand because of their improved technology. According to (Bradley, Ch 2) he mentions that over long period, the largest global market for Apple and Microsoft has been a place in the living room; but the management of Apple are out to change their marketing strategy by developing a new market based on the product that they deliver to the market. It is in this view that they now want to shift the market where business professionals adapt to their systems to make transactions even much easier. The management understands the fact that all people involved in any kind of business are consumers and therefore a probable market (Bradley Ch2). Their choice of market is because Ipad has the best surfing experience and through it, the user can easily use email services and read books. In addition, it allows easy photo and video watching experience (Bradley Ch3).
            In every business venture, there are always concerns regarding the performance of the enterprise in the short run and in the long run. When Apple introduced the Ipad into the market, according to (Bradley Ch3) they knew that their already were some more superior gargets in the market like the notebook and the desktops which are more established. To overcome this concern, they made the Ipad unique so that it could serve businesspersons just like the other gargets but then now it could be very mobile. Bradley continues to add that the company has been keen enough in trying to control the cultural influence on its customers by ensuring that there is consistency in production by producing products that follow one another in series based on superiority. The introduction of Ipad marks the beginning of a new culture in the business world and hence brings with it new influence which the consumers must aspire to try.
            The new product in the market is a product that any businessperson should have since it totally aims to make a shift from a consumer garget to a business requirement. The Ipad has business applications, which are easily accessible, it has the best email and surfing experience and it is the best tool to use by publishers in reading books. The discussions about the Ipad reveal that it is preferred when it comes to photo and HD video sharing services. Satisfied users say that the Ipad has a new definition when it comes to speed because it has dual core, which makes it easier to play game, surf the internet and read books (Bradley Ch3). The discussions further reveal that the Ipad is very sleek and very light hence very convenient to carry around given the added advantage that its battery lasts for ten hours. According to (Brandt Ch4), when carrying out product promotions unique features of the product that distinguishes it from the rest are majorly considered, in promoting Ipad, its key features to be advertised in exhibitions, media, web pages and other channels are its support of business applications, best photo and video watching and the best surfing experience.

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