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Influence of fashion on teenage girls


Influence of fashion on teenage girls
Biologically, it is observed and purported that a girl’s self-esteem gradually declines deep into the middle adolescence stage with the body outlook offering the explanation. Today, with the increasing shows on the media fraternity about the changing styles and fashions available, teenage girls have been most affected. Several factors though have been cited as the cause, sociocultural factors have greatly impacted on the choice of fashion of the teenage girls. The cosmetic products come with unrealistic female beauty images that have contributed to either lowering or raising their self-esteem. The major concern of the fashion surrounds the need to raise their self-esteem (Collins et al, 280-289). This essay is meant to give the overview of fashion styles and their sources and how they have molded the teenage fraternity. Similarly, it is meant to address how the teenage girls have kept the fashion demands and how these haveaffected their position within the society.
Sources of Fashion and Their Influence on Teenage Girls
Self-esteem; the positive or negative attitude towards on self plays an important role in the choice of fashion especially to the teenage population. As stated earlier, the changes in the body image accompanying the adolescent stage have been a focal point where by the girls have been socialized to imagine that body image helps  in the determination of self-actualization and evaluation by others. Related to this however, are the assertions that body appearance and self-worth are related and applicable to both gender. In the light of the above and with the dynamic fashion industry, the teenage girls are in constant motion of keeping abreast with it. This has greatly influenced their position in the society.
In the context of the advanced consumer societies, the aspect of self-esteem has created the fashions. In addition, the media freedom whether print or visual not only emphasizes that female worth is derived from appearance but also portrays the female beauty as a sociocultural ideal. Lindner (pp 409-421) noted that fashion beauty is far from being attainable but the teenage girls have all the reasons to join the poolfashion products. Instead of raising their self-esteem, fashion has lowered it in terms of body exposure to the innocent boys. This has been an initiation of activities at a tender age.
Celebrities have been trendsetters in the fashion industry. In their quest for an outline, super heroes like singers always have an entertainment appearance line that teenagers appear to like. Some of these fashions that the teenage girls assume make them vulnerable to societal abuses and dynamics. The teens want to appear like the celebrities without understanding the concept of the celebrity’s fashion. Although, it might be seen as part of change in the western world, most African societies view this as an erosion of culture. The girls fail to understand their body image and in the process offer themselves as reference abusers of the fragile norms of the society.
In their pursuit of identity lifestyles, teenage girls are apt to consider older women to impersonate. Keeping the age difference a side, the teenage girls assume the provocative clothing in the markets spreading as fashion entities. These in return have made them feel older than they are; a state that has caused skyrocketing sexual behaviors among them. Brown, (pp 45-56) asserted that fashion attributes have come through several media platforms that teenage girls chose. Examples are internet, movies and television and video music among others. The pursuit of this look hot come hand in hand with several consequences that places their dignity, academic achievements, sexual safety and self-esteem among others on line.
Generally, fashion has contributed much in the erosion of socio cultural values within the society with teenage girls most affected. This therefore calls for guidance and counseling of these youths at a tender age to assist in promoting good society values.

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