Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chinese Inventions

Chinese Inventions
China is one of the countries in the world that has spearheaded the mergence of the greatest historic inventions. Besides being the world leader in the four most important inventions, the country has also been the greatest inventor in the following perspectives. 
 It has been proven through research that China was one of the only countries to come up with beer stating that it was mainly consumed in the ancient age with an alcoholic content of about 4% to 5%.This is even evidenced in the oracle writings that had been in scripted in the bone messages while offering sacrifices to the spirits in the Shang dynasty. Around the 1000 bc period, the Chinese were able to come up with an alcoholic drink whose content was even more than 11% while it was impossible to make such a creation in the west since the only beer that was able to make up such a content was discovered in the 12 th century (Shaw, 2011). According to research, the Chinese were also able to come up with is the mechanical clock that is currently being used today. The clock was invented by a Buddhist known as Yi Xing and was aided in operation by the use of water through dropping on the wheel to allow the clock to make revolutionary turns. Years later a modern clock was able to be created by the astronomer Su Son g from the Song dynasty that is currently used an a modern clock thus it was able to give him the title of ancestor of the modern clock (Shaw, 2011).          
According to Chinese legendary tales, tea was first was specially made for the emperor, Shen Nong. Later, an unknown inventor came up with the tea shredder that was used to slice the tea leaves into smaller pieces. After, this tea development developed very fast in the region and became one of the most popular in the country. In the world today, the Tang Dynasty is widely recognized for its efforts in tea production. It may be silk worms that create silk but it was the Chinese people who were able to come up with the element of silk harvesting and how to use it in clothes and paper. Silk was one of the greatest inventions for the country since it was a link to the outside world. It is also the Chinese who came up with the melting of iron and steel in ancient Chinese times in the early century of the 5th BC, during the dynasty of both Shang and eastern Zhou. However, when the Han Dynasty came into being, they abolished private iron smelting and declared it a state activity. The Process of iron wrought and melting it into steel was first established by and ancient Chinese man.      
The art of porcelain making also originated from the ancient Chinese times .The skill and art of developing these artistic pieces were perfected in the Song dynasty and therefore spread across the world where it has now become a popular trend. This skill was established in china in the period between 1600 bc and 1046 bc. When the Chinese came up with the idea of making the compass they probably had no intention of making them for navigational purposes but instead in for building and construction. This invention that took place in the song dynasty was however later modified to aid in travel especially in navigation of the sea          
Research has also shown that gun powder was made and developed by the son dynasty in the 19th century with the formulas being attributed to the earliest Chinese alchemists while searching or a remedy to become immortal beings. It is also by the existence of the ancient Chinese people that the development of the movable printing was able to come in to existence with the first invention of this kind being made over 2000 years ago by the Tang dynasty, through printing on carved blocks. (Deng, 2012)Lastly,It is general knowledge in thee world that I it was not china then there would be no paper today. According to researchers the origin of paper making can b attributed to the eastern Han dynasty who were able to come up with the art of paper making though the use of fish nets, tree barks ,ropes and rags in order to make up the first batch of paper in the world.       
However out of all the Chinese  inventions, the most  important ones that they were able to come up with are paper making, printing, by use of the movable block, gun powder and the compass for direction. In my own view these are categorized as the most important due to the impact that they have had to the general society. It is through the gun powder that people are able to male bullets and derive sense of security. Without direction, we would able lost not knowing where we are headed (Needham & Robimson, 2004). The ability to point has enabled the world to be fast paced in the ever changing technological climate while paper has helped a lot in communication.
To me, the most important invention that I feel I can not live without is the compass. It is very vital for me to have a sense of direction. Without knowing where am going I would waste a lot of time revolving around the same place wasting time and being so self in sufficient.

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