Monday, January 28, 2013

The impact of modern culture (media and social networks

The impact of modern culture (media and social networks)
1. Humans in the creation, knowledge and adjustment to culture
·         What is culture?
·         What constitutes a people’s culture?
·         What are the differences and/ or similarities between human cultures in the modern world?
2. Studying the past so as to understand the present
·         How does the study of a people’s past aid in understanding their present.
·         Mention and expound the elements of a past that can be used to understand the modern culture of a people.
·         How can a scholar ascertain the validity and dependability of historical sources?
4. Dynamism and transformation of culture
·         What is the function of culture in individual and communal growth and improvement?
·         Describe the common aspects of culture across the human civilizations.
·         Describe the significance and function for the presence of assortment and multiplicity amongst culture.
·         How can this diversity be sustained or enhanced?
·         How do the components of culture affect other institutions of a people’s existence?
·         Describe the term “cultural diffusion”.
·         Expound on the myriad of ways by which cultural diffusion may take place.
·         How can unity be fostered by a people inside the boundaries of their culture and among other different cultures?
3. Elements and components of modern culture
·         Describe the term ‘modern culture’.
·         What role has the media played in the promotion of modern culture?
·         Do you believe that the media has enhanced the transformation of culture positively or negatively? Explain.
·         Describe the shift by the media from conventional methods of communication e.g newspapers to contemporary ones.
·         Describe the social networks that are most common in the contemporary world.
·         What are the impacts of social media on institutes?
·         How has social media impacted the lives of people in the contemporary word particularly the youth?

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